Recent Activities:

(14/06/2022) (For Class 11) Here is a handout for the first topic units, dimensions, and measurements and a related assignment. Also some material (including some questions) for Vernier callipers.

Past Activities:

(27/08/2020) (For Class 11) Here are the Solutions to the questions of Test on Motion in 1D.

(24/03/2020) (For Class 11) Uploaded an assignment on oscillatory motion and also a handout.

(10/12/2019) (For Class 11) Link to the assignment on rotational mechanics and the answers .

(10/12/2019) (For Class 12) Uploaded some handouts on the following topics: Wave Optics, Electromagnetic Induction and Alternating Current and Voltages. Also if you are interested, just to refresh your memory, here is a handout dealing with Mechanical Waves . However, it does not deal with sound waves (yet).

There is also a handout on Probability which deals up to the topic of random variables but does not talk about any specific distribution like the Binomial and the Poisson's distribution.

(03/12/2019) (For Class 9) Uploaded an Assignment for current electricity. The answers will be updated in a couple of days. Also an assignment on Geometry of circles is upcoming. Check back soon.

(27/08/2019) (For Class 11) Uploaded an Assignment (with answers) for Newton's laws of motion.

(07/08/2019) (For Class 9) Uploaded some exercises in gravitation.

(28/05/2019) (For Class 11) Uploaded the Assignment (with answers) for motion in one dimension.

(12/05/2019) Some exercises in derivatives.

(23/04/2019) (For Class 10) Some problems on electricity.

(22/04/2019) (For Class 11) Uploaded the handout for units, dimensions, and measurements and a related assignment. Also something to read for Vernier callipers.

(16/04/2019) (For Class 9) Uploaded an assignment on motion.

(01/04/2019) (For Class 9) Uploaded an assignment on rational and irrational numbers.

(22/12/2018) Uploaded the handout for fluids and some problems.

(11/10/2018) Vectors: something to read and some problems.

(8/08/2018) Uploaded some study materials for Permutations and Combinations as well as Binomial theorem for Class 11.

(26/07/2018) Uploaded some practice problems for Projectile motion for Class 11.

(23/07/2018) Numericals based on lenses for Class 9 or 10.

↬ (20/07/2018) Added a section on Maths Olympiad.

(08/07/2018) Uploaded the assignment on Quadratic Equations.

(20/06/2018) Uploaded the assignment on Projectile Motion.

(20/06/2018) Uploaded the assignment on Relative Motion.

(16/06/2018) Uploaded the Electrostatics problems set with answers for Class XII.

(30/04/2018) Uploaded the solutions to the assignment of sets. There is a little mistake in calculations of Question 22. In the final step, 2u = 8 (and not 12), giving u = 4 as the answer.

(17/04/2018) Uploaded the continuity assignment and its solutions.

(20/01/2018) Added an assignment on calculus in the Downloads section. It contains problems from derivatives as well as integrals.

(22/12/2017)Added the assignment on Geometrical Optics in the Downloads section